Build your career in insurance by becoming an insurance advisor

An insurance advisor is a person who brings together the insurance company and the customer and helps in completing a sale. Moreover, the advisor is tasked with advising clients on the right products suitable for them, assisting in filling up of the forms, helping clients at the time of a claim, etc. Thus, an advisor plays multiple roles.

Why choose a career in insurance?

People favor a career in insurance because of the various benefits it provides. As an advisor, individuals can have an opportunity to earn unlimited income. Also be their own boss and work as per their own will

The reasons mentioned above is lucrative enough to attract professionals aiming to make a mark in their life to choose a career in Insurance

What does AUM Bima has to offer?

AUM Bima provides a great opportunity to be an authorized Point of Sales Person (PoSP). We also provide you with a license to sell insurance policies as per the PoSP guidelines set by the IRDAI.

Hence, as a PoSP with AUM Bima, you can operate as an advisor, provide insurance solutions to your respective clients and also sell the insurance policies like health insurance, car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, etc. and that too from a single license!

It depends totally on person to person as to how much you can earn. Being an insurance advisor, if you can understand people’s requirement and provide solutions and advise them to buy the suitable product that is better for them then sky is the limit. The more efforts you put in your work, the more you can earn.

The old ways of becoming an insurance advisor with an company

The traditional way, apart from the PoSP certification, is to become a traditional insurance advisor with a particular insurance company. As an insurance advisor, you would be able to sell the insurance products of that particular insurance company only with which you enrol.

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