Individual  Health Insurance Plan:

As the name suggests, this type will provide fixed coverage to the individual insured member for whom the policy is purchased. One can either propose a policy for himself/herself or for any of his family member to be covered.

Family Floater Plan:

This type of policy provides a fixed cover/sum insured amount for all hospitalization costs, which should be shared by all the insured family members, covered in a policy. Anyone of the adults can become the proposer and chose to cover his family.

Senior citizen policies:

These plans offer health insurance coverage for people, who wish to get covered under such policies after the age of 60. You may also come across plans which do not require medical tests for senior citizen policies as well.

Group/ Corporate health insurance:

These are policies provided to employees by their employers, either free of cost or for some minimal amount charged. You have cover from day 1 for all hospitalization expenses. However, this policy does not come with life-time renewal option, which makes it like unreliable.

Maternity plans:

Basic health insurance policies do not cover expenses due to maternity. Hence, we have separate plans available with few Insurers, which either charge extra premium in the same plan & provide some amount for maternity expense or altogether have a comprehensive cover for health & maternity expenses, including pre & post natal expenses.

Plans for Diabetes cover:

Diabetes, being so common in India, requires immediate attention. Hence, many Insurers provide separate plans for diabetes patients with coverage for the same right from day 1. It proves to be a perfect plan for high diabetes customers, since it covers both type 1 & type 2 diabetes customers, which is many times not covered by other policies.

Top-up & Super top up plans:

Top up & super top up plans come as a life saver, if you want a higher sum insured at a very affordable premium. However, these two plans may sound similar, but it is good to compare them both before purchasing one. 

Top-up health insurance plans: These are policies that offer an additional coverage, beyond the threshold limit of the existing health insurance policy. It will only provide coverage after the deductible is paid off for each hospitalization.

Super top-up plans: These plans are similar, except that top-up plan covers a single claim above the threshold limit, while super top-up plans cover the total of all hospitalization bills above the threshold limit up to the sum insured. So, you do not have to worry paying the deductible every time you make a claim.